What We Look For

First and foremost, we look for outstanding entrepreneurs-whether this is their sixth start-up or their first. We have a long history of working with first-time entrepreneurs and have partnered with a dozen founders when they were still in the concept stage. We care more about your intellect, track record and potential than your PowerPoint skills. We seek to invest in companies that are capital efficient, can scale rapidly and are early movers

When to Reach Out to Us

We like to get to know entrepreneurs early, ideally before they are ready to raise capital. We are also happy to meet with you when you are fundraising. The best way to get in touch with our team is through an introduction from someone you know in our network. Or write us right here right now!

How and When We Invest

We prefer to be the first institutional investor in a company and the largest non-management shareholder. Our initial investment is generally between $1 million and $100 million. We occasionally make seed-stage and later-stage investments. We typically make follow-on investments over the life of a company, depending on its needs.