We feel strongly that great investments are a consequence of deep conviction. We do our homework and we are passionate when we see the most interesting opportunities. We are small, we can move quickly.


We are not driven by ownership and do not make investment decisions based solely on potential exit size. At the same time our fund has enough scale to allow us to play a critical role for the companies we back. As our track record indicates, we define success in a Unique way, ROI for our investor, create jobs in the market, put the entrepreneur back in the front of capitalism.


The difference between a good business model and a great business model is one incalculably better than the current alternative. Successful founders have laser sharp focus on true product and business model differentiation, intelligent time and capital allocation. We partner with these entrepreneurial visionaries to achieve their goals.

The Master Of Networking

During our initial meeting, we will listen closely to see if you mention a need overtly or in passing. A few fields have an especially bad reputation for cronyism, but the truth is that it exists everywhere. Say, you are hiring a new financial advisor. Your two top candidates are equally gifted and both have extremely impressive résumés. The only difference is, you personally know and like one of them and you don’t know the other one at all. All credentials being the same, who would you choose?

Chances are, you’d choose the one you know. And why not? You already know you get along with her and have seen some of her past work as it was happening. The other one (though well referenced) is more of an unknown. And let’s be real–we all want to work with someone we like.

Now you’re on the opposite side. You want someone to hire or work with you. But you’re the new kid on the block. How do you break through the nepotism barrier? You know the answer. You have to build a strong network. And to do that, you have to constantly be networking. This is crucial to the success of most businesses and is somewhat of an art. At Asher Capital, this is one area we can add great value.

we take the lead and expect nothing in return. Most people are wired with a reciprocity mentality; continue to do this, and you’ll grow a positive reputation as someone who pays it forward.